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The Photographers’ Gallery: New Identity by North

After a major redevelopment lasting two years since 2010, The Photographers’ Gallery has finally reopened on Ramillies Street, just off Oxford Street, including three floors of galleries, an impressive book and magazine shop, and a cafe run by Lina Stores - Soho’s original Italian deli. 

Along with the redevelopment of the actual building, North were given the task of creating a new identity for the gallery to replace the old ‘holding’ identity they made before. This was actually one of the projects I was involved with when I worked at North last summer. As they were in the early stages of creating the new identity, I was mainly dealing with the logo - somehow utilising the idea of incorporating some kind of framing system like the shapes you find in a viewfinder inside a camera.

Of course North developed what I had helped with after I finished the internship, so I was pretty excited to see what they did with it and what route they took when the gallery opened to the public last month in May. After visiting it a few times since opening, I’ve come away very impressed on all occasions. The logo looks fantastic, especially on the side of the building viewable from Oxford Street and the signage inside looks very smart. The way the ‘frames’ inside the logo have been incorporated within the pictograms of the toilet signs and the leaflets is really nice and clever and the graphics on the mirror in the lift is a really nice touch too. It’s all very fresh which is really what The Photographers’ Gallery needed after the redevelopment. 

The actual exhibition is also pretty incredible. It’s currently showing a collection of large-format, beautifully crisp images under the theme of ‘Oil’ by Edward Burtynsky which is definitely a must-see which will last until July 1st. 

See better images of the new identity shot by Lee Mawdsley here on the Creative Review website and more information on the current exhibition here. I’ll also be posting a few of the images above as a photo post soon so you can view them bigger. 

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